We specialize in managing issues which have both a public

and a political component.

Why do you need a lobbyist?

In Alabama all decisions are made at the state level.

The importance of working with decision makers
in your city becomes very apparent.

Your company has a vested interest in Alabama politics.

You want to be certain you can continue doing business in Alabama.

Why do you need a lobbyist?


Sole advocate for you, with both regulatory agencies and Alabama State Legislature.


Monitors legislative activity, anticipates challenges and opportunities, advises stakeholders as needed.


Actively lobbies the Alabama legislature, drafts and amends legislation as necessary.


Effectively communicates environmental information, urges officials to support the measures that impact our resources.


Develops and implements a strategic plan for growing and sustaining sales.


Media relations and placement, community outreach, crisis communication, speech writing, and research.


Mrs. Davis has over 25 years experience in all phases of governmental affairs, government regulations, policy, public relations, publicity, and developing communication programs designed to build awareness, understanding and support for key initiatives. She has many years of leadership experience in for profit, not-for-profit and in association management. 

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Heather Davis & Associates strictly adheres to the Alabama Code of Ethics. We hold ourselves to the highest standards both ethically and in accordance to the law. Heather Davis & Associates advocates for our clients best interests. We welcome the gratification our clients gain by working with our professional and credible staff.